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Moellers Build and Angel House

Organized By: Sarah Moeller


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Hi Family and Friends! Drew and I have felt it on our heart to build this Angel House orphanage for many years, but recently took the leap of faith to build it. We feel that God puts things on your heart for a reason and cannot wait to see the many blessings that come from this project. If you haven't heard of the Angel House Rescue Orphanage organization before here is some information. Many impoverished families living in rural regions of India struggle greatly to feed, clothe and educate their children. Unfortunate children who suffer the death, imprisonment or abandonment of one or both parents have little to no assistance from their government and 95% of the time end up in 1 of 3 tragic situations: 1) Forced Child Labor 2) Begging on the streets 3) Sold or Forced into the Sex Trade. The thought of this breaks our heart and we know that we can do something about, hence creating a safe place for these children through this orphanage. I am asking friends, families and anyone passionate about this cause to give resources in order to provide a home, caretakers and education for 25 of these precious children until the age of 18. 100% of the money raised for projects is directed toward the following: Land acquisition Materials and All Labor Home construction Furnishings School Supplies/Shoes for the Children Clean Water Well Thank you for checking out my project. Know that even the smallest gift helps and that you will have a hand in improving the quality of life for someone in need. Love, The Moellers
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