We Believe

Every child deserves a home.

The Mission

Orphans To Angels

To bring abandoned children from the slum to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation.

The Vision

100,000 Rescued

We want to see 100,000 children rescued in our lifetime.

The Founder

Lindsay Russo

Lindsay Russo is a humanitarian, advocate, and speaker. At the age of 23, Lindsay founded Angel House, a focused rescue initiative for abandoned orphans and trafficking victims throughout India and Southeast Asia. Through her efforts, more than 4,000 orphaned children who would otherwise be reduced to a life of begging and homelessness are enrolled in school and flourishing in over 150 safe and loving homes. In 2018, Angel House opened it’s first Freedom Campus in Nepal which rescues, rehabilitates and empowers young girls from the atrocity of human trafficking.

The vision of Angel House was dramatically accelerated in 2011 when Lindsay participated on the NBC game show "Minute To Win It" where Angel House was featured to more than 8.5 million household viewers. Since that point, Angel House has appeared in numerous other global media platforms as well as ABC’s popular television show “Shark Tank.” The vision of Angel House is to rescue 100,000 children and trafficking victims. Lindsay and her husband Dominic reside in Southern California with their two sons, Mason and Jude.

Financial Accountability

Angel House operates in the highest level of financial integrity.

Each year’s operating budget is presented and approved by a board of directors. The board of directors is comprised of business owners and professionals. Each orphanage project and humanitarian initiative is approved and overseen by the entire board of directors.

The finances given to Angel House are compiled by the independent accounting firm, Richard J Boyse CPA, PC. This accounting firm has a designated staff CPA that organizes every Angel House financial contribution and ensures that each dollar is applied to its designated project. Richard J Boyse CPA, PC also prepares and files the annual 990 to the IRS.

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We’ve built 183 Angel Houses and rescued 4,476 children in 9 years