Angel House
Give a child their very first Christmas gift

Spread Joy with Angel House Boxes of Joy

Upon unwrapping their gift box, each child will discover a personalized assortment of new essentials and heartwarming touches, chosen just for them.

What is this all about?

As many gift boxes as possible

Whether you bless a child with a $10 donation, sponsor a home or sponsor a region, we gratefully welcome donations of any size.

Your support could be the first gift these children ever receive, filling their lives with joy and hope.

Join The Movement

Help us create moments of joy for children aged 4 to 18 by contributing to our Boxes of Joy Campaign. Each box is a bundle of joy and essentials, featuring necessities like toothpaste and toothbrushes, as well as delightful toys like dolls, slippers and coloring books. Additionally, the box includes treats such as chocolate and cookies.

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There are many ways to get involved

Choose how you want to help

Donate Individual Gift Boxes

Bring the holidays into a child's heart by giving a Box Of Joy to one child or as many children as you would like.

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Sponsor a Home

Fill a house with Christmas cheer! Bless all the children in one of our homes.

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Sponsor a Region

When you donate 50 boxes or more, we can add your family name or a custom logo to your generous gift boxes. We'll capture the special moment the children receive your gifts. A great opportunity for corporate matching.

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Spread the Joy

Join us on Instagram, and pass this along to your friends. Your support can illuminate the world with the warmth of the holiday spirit.

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Thank you for being a beacon of light in a child's life.