Build Your Own Angel House

Have you ever thought about the fact that YOU, your family, your friends, your church, or your business could build your very own Angel House? It’s as simple as that. You raise the money and we will build the home. We even invite you to join us for the home dedication on location!

We will customize your home with a marble plaque, which will forever hang in the new home.  You can add your name, and dedicate it to whomever you wish. In addition to that, a banner will be hung on the front of the home, which can be customized with your name, or even a photo.  Angel House will capture these moments and memories via photo and video and you will receive it within 6 months of your home's opening.



 We believe its so important to equip each Angel with not only a new home, but also the life-saving gift of clean water. Consider sponsoring a fresh water well that will give not only the children, but the entire community a chance to receive clean water for years to come. 

You will also have the opportunity to customize a marble plaque that will be attached to the fresh water well.  Angel House will capture these moments and memories via photo and video and you will receive it within 6 months of your well's dedication day.

Read a testimony of someone just like you who have sponsored their own Angel House:

"In June 2011 I decided to build an Angel House! I had seen pictures of the precious children of India and the horrible conditions they had to endure. No human being, especially a child, should have to live in such poverty and loneliness. The pictures told me their stories of hurt, pain, hunger, depression and abandonment. I had developed a passion for them. A strong urge to make a change in the WORLD had overcome my thoughts.

The thought of raising all the money to build a home scared me at first but my faith grew tremendously throughout the process. I started with a bowling fundraiser and all of the other ideas for raising funds followed. I shared the vision with family and friends and they supported the goal. I made goals for funding and strived to achieve them. Soon after, I was well on the way to making this dream a reality. My reality became tangible when I went to India this summer May 2013 and opened the home to 12 adorable children. I will always cherish the moment that I first saw them. 

If you have thought about building an orphanage, know this, I am middle class. My husband and I work 9-5 jobs to pay the bills. We are not considered financially wealthy. There is no reason why anyone cannot build one of these life saving homes. All you have to do is DECIDE to build it, START the process, and COMMIT to the goal. If you have an overwhelming passion to see the world changed- I want to encourage you. You CAN do it. I am living proof. Remember this statement- Passion, Commitment, Endurance, Patience, Reward! I challenge you to become more to these children. I challenge you to become HOPE to a dieing nation. With FAITH and PERSERVERANCE all things are possible!"

-Jessica, MI (Pictured Above)


Give us your info if you'd like us to contact you about building your very own Angel House or Clean Water Well!